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Claim Passenger Rights SLK is a company based in Valencia (www.su-abogado.es), specialized in claims against airlines based on the provisions of Regulation 261/2004.
The experience acquired in recent years has enabled us to know the most dynamic way to raise claims, in order to solve the largest amount of claims in the least amount of time.

The large number of lawsuits filed and resolved in recent years has given us the possibility to establish a fluid relationship with the courts that handle the claims and with the law firms that represent the airlines, thus favoring the holding of agreements that accelerate the payment of compensation.
Regarding the procedure to follow, once we receive the professional commission sheet - only action to be taken by the user - an extrajudicial claim is sent to the airline through Burofax through the Bar Association. If, within 8 weeks of its sending, an out of court settlement has not been possible, after a feasibility study, the corresponding legal action is filed.
Presentada la demanda judicial, normalmente se pone en contacto con nosotros el despacho los abogados de la aerolínea contraria ofreciéndonos un acuerdo, no continuando por tanto el proceso judicial. En los casos en que no es posible un acuerdo, normalmente no es necesaria la celebración de vista, ya que la reforma de la LEC permite que se resuelva este tipo de asuntos sin que las partes sean citadas a juicio.
All the expenses of the process are assumed by our office, having only to pay fee of 24% of the amount of the claim, plus the corresponding IVA, in case of that compensation is obtained in favor of the client.
If you have suffered an over 3 hours delay or a cancellation of your flight, our “Claim Passenger Rights” team will be agreeable to advise you, and defend your rights in the most efficient way.


  • “I was traveling with my partner from Valencia to Costa Rica, with a stopover in Madrid. Our first flight was delayed and we lost the connection flight in Madrid. I got in touch with them from Madrid´s airport and sent the documentation needed to start the claim procedure. When I got back from my tryp they had already reached an agreement with the airline that they were going to indemnify us. Soon after, we received the money; so advisable to claim through them.”

    A.G.L from Valencia
  • “Very effective service. They got me the economical compensation I had right to for the delay of my Barcelona-London flight. My flight was delayed for more than 5 hours and I was not given any reason for it. I presented a claim sheet, which the airline completely ignored. It was not until I filled the claim through the web I had no response from the company explaining the reasons for my flight’s delay, and although at first I was denied payment, they finally got it for me.”

    S.M.N from Sitges
  • “They solved the claim for me, and I did not even notice. The only thing I had to do was send them the power of attorney sheet. I received the compensation really fact.”

    V.S.R from Sevilla
  • “Very satisfied. The 4 claims of the members of my family ended up at Court but we finally received our compensation. The only downside is how slow the court work. We did not have to pay anything in advance.”

    E.L.A from Madrid
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